FIG represents the interests of surveyors worldwide
FIG was founded in 1878 and is a United Nations and World Bank recognized non-governmental organization of national member associations, cadastral and mapping agencies and ministries, universities and corporates from over 120 countries. FIG covers the whole range of professional fields within the global surveying community, hereunder surveying, cadastre, valuation, mapping, geodesy, geospatial, and quantity surveyors and provides an international forum for discussion and development aiming to promote professional practice and standards.
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Major FIG Conferences

FIG Working Week 2019

FIG Congress 2018

6-11 May 2018,
Istanbul, Turkey



FIG Publication No. 65

FIG Publication no. 65 - FIG Report: The Surveyor’s Role in Monitoring, Mitigating, and Adapting to Climate Change

In this publication the FIG Task Force on Surveyors and Climate Change set out both to explore where and how surveyors could assist the global community in measuring and monitoring climate change, and what part that they could play in adapting to climate change and helping to mitigate its impacts.

FIG Publication No. 67

Property Taxation for Developing Economies - FIG Report

The purpose of this publication is to promote discussion on a relatively simple, sustainable, speedy and cost-effective system of property taxation which can be introduced in jurisdictions with a paucity of the resources normally required to administer a more complex ad valorem property tax regime. This discussion takes place within the context of existing

FIG 2017 Proceedings

"Surveying the world of tomorrow - from digitalisation to augmented reality” FIG Working Week 2017.   Proceedings

FIG Peer Review Journal

Since 2008 it has been possible to offer a conference paper for a peer-review, an opportunity that about 10% of presenters take advantage of. The accepted papers that have been presented at a major FIG conference are included in the FIG Peer Review Journal.
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FIG Surveyors Reference Library

The library is a short cut to all papers from FIG Congresses, Working Weeks and other FIG events, as well as so-called recommended papers that are specially selected by the ten FIG commissions. Read more...

FIG Congress 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam Read more!     ***   The Article of the Month September 2018: FAO support to land consolidation in Europe and Central Asia from 2000-2018 - Experiences and way forward - Morten Hartvigsen, FAO
Most Recent News
Two new FIG Publications

Publication 70: Africa Regional Network 2015-2018 and Publication 71: FIG Guidance on Professional Competencies.    ...

Celebration of 250 year anniversary of the Surveying Profession in Denmark

An inspiring day was organised in Aalborg to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Surveying Profession in Denmark.

Africa Regional Network Workshop 2018 in Botswana

The theme of this years ARN workshop is: Geospatial Technology Impacts: Shifting the Paradigm in Africa" and will take place in Gaborone, Bots...

FIG Foundation Grants for 2019

Details of the FIG Foundation Academic Grant and PhD Scholarship 2019 competitions are now on the FIG Foundation site.    ...

Call for Papers for FIG Working Week 2019

FIG Working Week 2019 will take place 22-26 April 2019. Do not miss the opportunity to attend. The call for papers is now out - please note th...

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Latest releases
Meeting the President General Assembly 2018

Dr. Chryssy Potsiou was at the General Assembly in June 2014 elected as President of FIG.

Presidents Report at the General Assembly 2018

 Get to know Chryssy...

GIM International Interviews Chryssy Potsiou. Read more.

The General Assembly 2018 took place during FIG Congress 2018 on 6 and 11 May 2018.
Results of the elections:
Rudolf Staiger, DVW Germany, President for the term 2019-22, New elected vice presidents: Jixian Zhang, China and Diane Dumashie, UK.
Destination for the Congress 2022: Cape Town, South Africa - a close run against Florida, USA which was also a very thorough, appealing and suitable bid.

Short report

FIG Members Article of the Month

FIG has five different levels of membership and two levels of honorary membership. Through different membership categories 121 countries are represented in FIG. The membership categories are:

- Member Associations
- Affiliates
- Corporate Members
- Academic Members
- Correspondents
- Honorary Presidents
- Honorary Members


FIG publishes each month the FIG Article of the Month. This is a high-level paper focusing on interesting topic to all surveyors.

The Article of the Month September 2018: FAO support to land consolidation in Europe and Central Asia from 2000-2018 - Experiences and way forward by Morten Hartvigsen, FAO. The paper gives an overview of the FAO land consolidation programme from 2000 and onwards including lessons learned and way forward. The objective of this paper is to present the FAO experiences of supporting member countries related to land consolidation.



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